Fresh Squeezed Turmeric Juice and roots from our garden. I take a teaspoon of this juice each morning in hot tea with a dash of black pepper~ keeps me limber, energized, and pain free.

When I travel I take along a little jar of our Turmeric powder and I put a quarter  teaspoon in a cup of hot water with  some honey and make a great tasting healthy tea. Personally I find that if I do not take my Turmeric at least 4 or 5 days a week my Spinal Fusion hardware will cause me pain. When I consistently take turmeric I have no pain or issues. I am grateful for the healing I experience from this amazing plant ~ Grown with Love!

One of our pouches of Turmeric will yield approximately 22 teaspoons.

This link from Pubmed.gov has some very interesting facts!