Spring is in me!

Good Spring day to you from Your Greenman,

This week has been filled with birds, bees, butterflies,baby chicks,cool breezes, magical foggy mornings, beautiful sunrises and awesome sunsets~ Spring Truly is a time of sensory overload when life is spent in the Great Outdoors! I have the luxury of spending the majority of my waking hours out under the sunshine or under the moon and stars~ I really have the perfect life for a nature lover. The tasks I choose to make my life allow me to be a true naturalist by every explanation of the word. I am normally out in the garden long before the suns rays gently filter through the trees to awaken the day dwellers. There is a magical time every morning when the very first bird blasts its morning stretch in a vocal display of ultimate appreciation for life and another day, yea a romantic melody to blanket the earth with invigorating vibes~ Good Morning! In a matter of seconds the rest of the orchestra chimes in with chirps, peeps, whistles, love songs in every possible note! This incredible display of appreciation for another day is contagious, it really is, there is an indescribable transformation which takes place in these subtle moments. Life, Love and Happiness are infused into every cell of creation. Everyones ears are filled to the brim with JOY! It is difficult to put it into words, however no cup of Java could ever compare to this magical burst of energy in the birth of a new day~ and there is one every morning!!!!!!! In this monumental explosion of positive energy is a burst of passion which fuels me even before I have consumed physical nourishment to carefully and lovingly tend to my plant~lets as they prepare for solar collection, nutrient absorption and photosynthesis once again. Tenderly weeding, removing pests, checking soil moisture, tasting of their leaves and fruit, being there~ in the present with them~ is it my gift or is it theirs~ who is taking notes anyway, Hey! It is for all of us to share together and the outcome is always that I eventually harvest these conglomerations of pure positive experiences and vibrations with my own hands and bring them to you! Now You can be the judge but If I were buying my veggies I would want this to be their path to my table. I am Your farmer~ this is my Full Time Job~ Loving your food is my way of life. My hands are soiled with the juices of my carefully tended veggies, my nostrils scent every flower in total admiration for the full cycle of life, my seedlings get to visit some of the most incredible people in the world at their final destination~ YOU!!!! Thank You for making my way of life possible ! For as much as I love to garden it would be impossible to sustain my family in this modern society without YOUR SUPPORT.
My sincere appreciation goes to YOU!

This week you can find Heirloom Arugula, Escarole, Romaine, Collards, Bok Choi, Spring Salad Mix, Turmeric root, Turmeric Juice ,Turmeric powder and Honey at our Stand in Beautiful Seaside Florida. We will be set up for market at 8 am and we will be there until noon.

Bike, run, walk, paddle, or fly to get your positive vibes form our garden in Seaside Saturday!