Health is Golden~ Turmeric ~ Be the best version of YOU!

Turme~On! Yes, Turmeric has an innate ability to make me feel invigorated, happy, strong, pain free, lively, and healthy!

Now all of these are just feelings, but they are my feelings! The truth about something I eat is that no matter how much research supports the facts about a plant or food, it really matters how I see it and how positive my intentions are while ingesting it.

My mind is a powerful trendsetter and my words are the vocalization of the power of the mind. I have been very blessed to have experienced a vast number of miraculous healed experiences while simultaneously ingesting a lot of my Turmeric. The best way I can describe it is that it makes me feel good. Not just a shallow ~on the surface~ feeling, but a very deep connection with something that prevails in me with a positive vibration of constant healing. I use Turmeric every other day consistently and sometimes it finds its way into foods I ingest every day. I am not a fanatic about a certain time or regimen but I have found that with the combination of my spinal fusion(T10 thru L-4) and the many coinciding physical ailments from my accident that I can continue to be ambulatory as long as I have this loving relationship with Turmeric!

I am sipping as I write on a cup of dandelion tea with turmeric, cardamom, ashwaganda and hazelnut milk. I find new ways every day to implement turmeric into recipes and elixirs so that the tendency to shy away from monotony does not creep in and steal from  my diet this powerful,  healing, golden root!

My positive outlook on life is a mental state of consciousness and being so gloriously captivated by this physical body I intend to give this body all it needs to facilitate the most wonderful experience here on earth for as long as I can!

If it’s not fun, It’s not worth doing! Have a wonderful day and make yours the very best it can be~ Find the best version of you!