Growing Together.

The expression of creator which I am experiencing has grown to find continued healing in guiding others on the path to growing nourishment in their own spaces.
While the first thought one might be inclined to foster upon reading the word nourishment might be one of tasty or healing interactions with the plants in our space whether it be a garden, a farm or just a plethora of pots on your balcony, I realize that beauty is nourishment too.
I have been privy to a life filled with beautiful gardens from my very first memory to many of my fondest memories.
The act of taking a seed, placing it in contact with earth, giving it a good press, talking a few positive words of dreamy aspirations to it, giving it a drink from a rusty watering can and then waiting for the moment of magic as it sprouts has always been deeply fulfilling to me.
One of my first favorite garden snacks was the English pea. These tasty morsels spawned my very first word~ SNAP! Which according to my mother was more of “h’naph” as my “s’s” didn’t find their way into my first request for the stringy ends to be removed from a raw tender English pea pod!
Fast forward a half century and I still love to quietly slip to the garden in early spring while the dew is still on the roses and snack on young tender English peas. Its like magic when a seed planted in the dead of winter grows patiently into a delicious vine with springy tendrils holding sweet offerings, temptingly in reach of the hands who tended to its every need. Mmm! I could keep on writing my way through this garden but let’s get to the point of my story.
I haven’t met a person who didn’t need to eat, nor have I met many who didn’t love the beautiful flowers and foliage of healthy flora.
As my time in the gardens of my life have given me a deep gratitude for the gift of growing, I have gained a love for seeing the earth’s bounty when lovingly tended plants express their very best life and in turn provide a true feeling of ecstasy to their gardener. The next phase of my journey here is to grow together.
While I am very fond of growing good food with the best available organic nutrients and minerals and then tasting the very best nature has to offer I cannot deny the powerfully evident nourishment of observing a bountiful healthy blooming, thriving landscape as well.
The process of taking a space, combining it with the pieces of ones dreams for how it could look, building the soil, adding the mechanisms for aesthetic appeal as well as pathways for the opportunity it provides has molded my evolutionary growth in this chapter of life.
The art of communication with the earth and the flora and fauna is fostered by time listening to its rhythms. The last 20 years of my life especially, have given me a unique opportunity to have logged 47,000 plus hours digging in to the intricacies of finding healing for my self and my pieces of earth through following the primal process and progression of creation. Not only the creation of bountiful gardens from depleted soil but also the regeneration and healing of my own body after a total and complete traumatic halt to my abilities.

“Real ~ ising” the connection between the primal process of using plants, minerals and micro organisms indigenous to nature to energize and rejuvenate tired soil, is kin to living the patient process of healing in my own physical being. The more we grow, the more we can grow. The more nourishment I give to the garden or my body, the more opportunity for resilience I create.

The best part of this journey is the paths we create to keep us grounded along the way.
Your desired path may be shaded and cozy with wooden decks and ferns, it may be wrapped in trellises of bold blooming honeysuckle with rock paths or it might be a grove of citrus leading to your vegetable garden.
Whatever your growing dream is, we can grow this dream to reality together.

We thrive on patience, as do your garden dreams.
“Patience” is more kindly stated in the garden as “The Pace At Which One Views Their World.”
Im looking forward to growing with You. Contact me for an initial consultation and let’s get your dreams growing.
Mikael L’Andre 850-218-6998