5 lbs Raw Gold from our ground~ Turmeric for eating or Juicing ~ OUT OF STOCK


Fresh dug raw Turmeric is an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory. This root can be grated onto salads and drizzled with honey for an amazing flavor. It can be grated into melted chocolate for a decadent yet healthy treat. It can be juiced or pressed to unlock rivers of vibrant golden healing~ turmeric juice!

Out of stock



5 lbs ~fresh dug, raw, whole, Turmeric root ~great for juicing~~

~ Health Food Stores



~ Doctors

~ Lawyers

~Olympic Athletes

~Fitness Professionals


~ Juice Bars

~ Chiropractors

~Yoga Studios


GreenMans Garden Raw Turmeric Root is grown in our garden in Florida with a lot of personal love and positive vibes. We refrain from the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is our belief that if we do our part to preserve our environment and keep ourselves healthy we can enjoy a better quality of life.

~ Fresh dug from our Biodynamic Garden for each order. No pesticides, No Herbicides, No Chemical Fertilizer used in The GreenMans Garden~ ever.


Grown with Love.