Why I do What I do?!?1 For the Love of……..

Six years ago I was in an accident and very seriously impaired my body for the rest of my life. While I have always had a love for the earth, I now have a new appreciation for the experience. Why?  I am totally intrigued, fascinated even mesmerized by the intelligent perfection in the true cycles of nature. The therapeutic effects of becoming one with the Earth in my garden helps my spirit which fuels my drive to heal through the deepest adversity. The by product of this is totally clean, pesticide feee, chemical free food harvested by myself after a long, loving, growing,  relationship with the veggies, bees, mushrooms and Turmeric I tend daily.

So the intrigue with the perfection of Nature and the ability to experience the outdoors every day heals me. The desire to preserve this Circle of perfection we call home drives my passion for teaching those with a need for Natures healing and in turn results in great gardens. So my  “Why” is Being One With the Creation ~this Beautiful cycle of Natural life and gaining from this synergistic relationship a strong spirit to help others experience it’s spirit, soul and body healing power as I do daily”. After all, I am Created in the likeness of the Ultimate ~ The Creator of this Perfection! 


Today is a gift~ we call it the present, open carefully. (C) M. L’Andre 2017