Welcome to The GreenMans Garden.  No pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, plenty of bees, plenty of turmeric, lots of love!

With bountiful love for the earth, our environment, our fellow man and the perfect natural cycle of Life we grow this love into positive vibrations you can eat!

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Having been given such an amazing opportunity to inhabit a planet with an incredibly complex organic ecosystem and realizing the joy this existence provides, we choose to grow with Love. The positive vibrations given to every plant we foster mirror our appreciation of this naturally perfect planet of Life.

We are committed to the support of gardens like ours whose inputs are vibrationally, as well as naturally, superior ~organically.

By fostering natural balance we raise our consciousness to a new level. Growing our food is the most organic of needs for my survival. The synergy of balance which is perfectly aligned in Nature makes me the gardener the recipient of all of the clean air which my plants continuously recycle for me~and as perfection has it~ I recycle the air for them and give it back as I walk amongst them. So when I tell you my secret, it is Natures secret, My plants need me just like I need them. By raising my consciousness to this level I am being the change needed to preserve the planet. This new level gives an Eternal, Natural existence a chance, rather than an apocalyptic future. For this to change the world we must let the roots of perfection grow in all of us as part of this Natural perfection.

For if we treat the planet like we are aliens to its patient natural cycle of life and regeneration, it has no choice but to be alienated from us. We are the catalyst for the consciousness of this beautiful Garden we call Earth.

Be The Change.      I am that.       I am.

GreenMan ~ from my Garden

(C) 2017 Mikael L’andre

Blessed by the rain ~kissed by the sun!

Sunflowers and Chanterelles~No sweat ~ Lots of rain and mosquitoes~ Seaside Market here we come!

I am writing to you from the soaking wet GreenMans Garden in our Florida monsoon season. I am not sure how much it rained last night but I know that it was enough to overflow my boots! I came in from post harvest washing at 10 PM last night and was going to go back …

Golden Chanterelles

Before the sun had  even risen over the Live Oak trees, I placed myself upon the ground, to thank on bended knee, and clear to me was given thereThe sight of chanterelles between the trees. I crawled along the dew moistened ground to search the forest floor for these chanterelles emerging to be found. Lo …